Matching Mommy Blue Medallion









My Dress | Sareena’s Dress by The Spunky Stork | Sareena’s Sandals

Introducing one of our new favorite organic cotton brands: The Spunky Stork! They make the most darling dresses and the prints are so cute! I adore every single dress & bloomer set she has from them. It’s one of her current favorites and one of the most frequent brand she now wears everywhere. I, of course, had to jump at the opportunity to match with her with this blue medallion print.

I also want to introduce a new second blog that I’ve started called Lil Sontakey. This site is solely dedicated to motherhood & babyhood; it’s where I can share all my casual iPhone photos while featuring our favorite products and other content (one of my most popular requests I get in my inbox!). It’s essentially a place where I can document memories & adventures. While this blog will primarily remain as my style diary, I am excited to branch off to this more personal blog which I will be a little more active on.

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Sakura Bloom Fall Look Book Collaboration




















Sleep, little one, on a velvet cloud
as the floating stars sing a lullaby.
Drift away to the land of dreams,
where teddy bears dance in a rainbow sky.

Play, little one, on the golden stars,
as the mother moon keeps a watchful eye.
listen as she recounts her tales
of enchanted forests where children fly.

Dance, little one, in the whispering wind,
’til the moon and stars breathe a sleepy sigh.
Wrap your dreams in a paper moon,
and gently push them toward the sky.

Wake, little one, to the morning sun,
as it calls to the world that it’s time to rise.
Wave farewell to the land of dreams,
and gently open your sweet little eyes.

Link for the fall 2016 campaign we shot for them in Venice, California.

In collaboration with Sakura Bloom | Photography by Courtney of Sakura Bloom

Jord Wood Watch








Dress | Watch

Today’s post features an exclusive wooden timepiece by JORD. This unique watch is by the Cora series in Zebrawood & Turquoise; it’s truly like something I’ve never seen before. To me, an eye catching watch is a reminder to be present and to live in the moment. I remember seeing an illustration of a dog and human sitting together and why dog is happier than a human in that scenario. The human is shown to be thinking about everything else BUT sitting with his dog, whereas the dog is thinking of nothing but sitting with his human. The dog has mastered the power of presence and therefore is truly content and happier. When you’re truly present in everything you do, you get much more out of your time. This is something I’m working on and I encourage you to try to soak up every moment by enjoying the now rather than thinking about anything other than what you’re doing now. Your time will be better spent and you will be much happier for it.

I’ve also teamed up with JORD to host a giveaway. All entries can be placed here by July 20 11:59 pm. The winner will be chosen at random & will receive a $75 giftcard, but everyone will receive a $20 giftcard just for entering :). Good luck everyone!

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Lenny Lamb WrapTai









Hold her. Wear her. Breathe her in. Keep her close. It goes too fast. After all, the most precious thing you’ll ever get to wear is your baby…

Baby carriers are one of my most essential baby related items I use–I never leave the home without one. In this post, I’m wearing a beautiful WrapTai carrier by Lenny Lamb. The Little Love design in the Golden Tulip print is one of my favorites– it’s so gorgeous and pairs perfectly with lighter shades. The cotton weaving makes it extra soft and comfortable to wear.

I’ve built quite a collection with an assortment of different prints & colors; I can’t get enough! Baby carriers are truly the most important accessory and a vital part of motherhood for me. They’ve helped me cuddle, bond and nurse my little one with ease while I embark on various outings and adventures.

Sponsored by Lenny Lamb

Ivory Florals








My dress c/o Pink Blush | Sareena’s Romper c/o Bailey’s Blossoms | Sareena’s Sandals

I’m so excited to bring another look by Pink Blush in their coveted floral print dress! Their dresses have been my favorite go-to during pregnancy & post partum; I constantly get compliments on their stunning prints. Their dresses provides the most flattering drape everytime, no matter what stage (it’s also what I wore in the hospital maternity ward)! This dress is so perfect for motherhood as it’s extremely nursing friendly.

I’ve also collaborated with Bailey’s Blossoms for Sareena’s adorable matching pompom romper! She has built the sweetest collection of their beautiful rompers and has one in almost every style. We’re hooked!

Ps Sareena is totally in love with the family pups.. she can’t get enough of them!

Sponsored by Pink Blush & Bailey’s Blossoms

Matching Mommy Mint & White





My Sandals | Sareena’s Dress | Sareena’s Sandals

One of my favorite parts about having a baby girl is playing dress up and being able to match with her! I’ve become so obsessed with coordinating all my outfits with Sareena that I may need an intervention at some point. But for now, I’m enjoying it and will continue to take advantage of this! My dress is from a small boutique in Santa Monica I bought a few years ago, so I was unable to link my outfit in this post, but you can get the same look by pairing an off-shoulder top with a chiffon skirt. I can’t stop gushing over Sareena’s eyelet dress and fringe sandals!

Pretty Pleats







Top by Bebe (sold out, similar here) | Skirt c/o SheIn | Sareena’s Dress by GAP

We had a lovely staycation at the beautiful Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles. The entire resort boasts of panoramic views of the ocean while spanning over a hundred acres of lush land. Here we are waiting in the gorgeous herb garden while our table was getting prepared at the coveted French restaurant, Mar’sel.

For this outfit, I decided to coordinate this beautiful pleated skirt from SheIn with Sareena’s pleated dress to wear during dinner. My pleated skirt is my current obsession; I love how effortless it is to flow and glide in, all while being the perfect shade of pink. This skirt exudes romance and femininity; my signature style.

Sponsored by SheIn

Lovely in Lace








My look: Dress by Lulus

Sareena’s look: Dress c/o Burts Bees Baby | Floral lace headband by Love Sparkle Pretty | Diaper c/o Bambo Nature

I’m loving my white lace dress from Lulus and just had to match with Sareena by putting her in this beautiful lace dress by Burts Bees Baby. So we decided to play fairy princesses in the woods.

Sareena’s dress is made with super soft organic cotton, which is especially important to me considering all the harsh chemicals present in most conventional brands. Also, how cute is her floral lace headband?! I can’t stop obsessing over how adorable everything is for babies.

For those of you who have been following along on Snapchat, you saw how we went on our first family hike over the weekend and how much Sareena loved it. There is nothing that compares to the fresh air, beauty of nature and gorgeous ocean view we achieved while hiking up in the canyons. Looks like I have a little nature lover on my hands!

Sponsored by Burts Bees Baby

Mint Floral Cami








My Look: Dress by Forever 21 | Sandals by Tory Burch | Watch by Rolex

Sareena’s Look: Dress by Gap | Bow c/o Gray Fox Handmade | Diapers c/o Bambo Nature

Spring time is for the great outdoors and admiring nature’s beauty. I love taking Sareena out and watching her observe and admire the trees & the sky while listening to little birds chirping in the spring time air.

I find that by simply spending more time showing her what is out there in the world and just being in the moment is far more beneficial for her development than any toy would provide.

As you may know, I tend to gravitate toward mint shades & floral prints. This is no exception, with its comfort & affordability, it’s definitely one of my favorite pieces!

Spring Pleated Maxi





My Dress by Asos (also available in petite) | Sareena’s mocassins by Freshly Picked | Sareena’s bow by Gray Fox Handmade | Sareena’s Diaper by Bambo Nature

This pleated maxi dress is perfect for spring wedding guest. The soft pastel hues along with the romantic lace in the back provide a feminine touch, and I’m always a sucker for nice floral print!

Happy Easter from Sareena & me!

Courtesy of Bambo Nature

Sleeping Baby Productions








Dress by Asos (sold out similar here & here) | Shoes by Kate Spade | Ring Sling by Sleeping Baby Productions in Seagrass Blue-Green | Sareena’s Bow by Gray Fox Handmade

Babywearing has been one of my greatest discoveries ever! It enables me to carry Sareena everywhere with me while having my hands free; it’s a great way to immerse her into my world. When worn properly, babywearing aides proper physical development for babies, creates a sense of security, promotes bonding, enhances communication & happiness and overall keep mother and baby in tune with each other. Wearing her in a sling is one of my favorite ways to interact with her by showing her different sights from my perspective as she quietly observes while I sometimes narrate what I do. This linen ring sling from Sleeping Baby Productions is not only a stylish way to wear her, but she can nap & discreetly nurse in there as well! My favorite benefit is being able to snuggle her while being able to socialize with others at the same time. My husband and I have gone out for dinner & events plenty of times while she stayed happy close to our hearts.

The owner of SBP, Jan, is such a sweetheart and makes everything herself with the strictest and highest standards. She goes above and beyond to bring you the best in quality as well as service–no wonder she’s a favorite among the babywearing community! I’m so happy with my ring sling–I want to get one in every color to coordinate with my outfits!

I could go on about the endless amount of benefits to wearing your baby or child, but I’ll save the details about my obsession for a future post. I honestly think ring slings are the greatest thing ever.

Sponsored by Sleeping Baby Productions & Gray Fox Handmade

And So The Adventure Begins..


BamboNature1< BamboNature6




Dress by Raga

Sareena is the biggest blessing of my life; she has made the transition into motherhood the most natural thing in the world. She has been such a calming presence with her innocent eyes and heart melting smile; it’s no wonder we only want the best for her. That’s why we chose to exclusively diaper her in Bambo Nature.

No phthalates, PVCs, heavy metals, chlorine, colophonium, organotins (MMBT, DBT, TBT), azo pigments or any other substances known to be harmful to health or the environment. I’ve been sent diapers from other companies, such as Honest & 7th generation. None of them hold a candle to Bambo Nature, both from a health standpoint and in being effective against leakage. The pampers that were sent home from the hospital had such a nauseating smell, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out there are nasty chemicals in there!

Sareena LOVES Bambo Nature diapers; she is always so comfortable in them and has had no leaks (mighty impressive considering she’s a poop and pee machine)! It’s the best, truly non-toxic and completely effective diaper brand there is–two important key factors to a health conscious mama! No other brand will touch my baby’s butt.

Sponsored by Bambo Nature USA