Maternity Shoot 2017 Part II
















Dear little baby inside me, I want you to know:
I am involved in a wonderful experience.
I am having a baby, and you are that wonderful baby.
I welcome this experience with such happiness.
I can feel the changes taking place in my body.
My womb has become a temple of joy because of you.
I can feel you grow within me, and my body swells with pride.
I take pleasure at the thought of your moving inside me.
My life combines with yours in love.
I’m preparing myself for the time you will be born.
I’m carrying you with such loving pride.
I feel the exciting bloom of being pregnant.
I have a beautiful glow about me because you’re in my life now.
I nourish you with love and take care of my body.
I’m learning to relax more everyday.
I look forward to your birth with such joy.
I am confident about your birth.
I’m practicing relaxation so that you can move easily and comfortably into his world.

When you’re born, little baby, I will give you love so that you may grow in love and trust in yourself and others.
I promise to talk to you in such a way that you will listen, and I promise to listen to you in such a way that you will talk.
I will respect your right to be yourself and I’ll try to help you learn to respect the rights of others.
I promise to encourage you to seek answers that will lead you to know and appreciate this wonderful world around you.
I promise to teach you with love and guidance, rather than anger and punishment.
I will teach you, and I will learn from you.
I will provide opportunities for you to help you grow in love and happiness.
I see you, little baby, coming from my womb, and I see you cradled in my arms.
I’m elated at the thought of your coming to me.
Dear little baby, I love you.

Photos by Miranda North

Maternity Shoot 2017 Part I


Dear little baby, I can’t wait for you to join our little family. You will be welcomed with so much love, especially with love from a big sister. She is constantly hugging and kissing my belly up while having conversations with you. I cannot wait to see you two grow together <3.
















Last pregnancy we had booked a maternity shoot with the amazing Miranda North, but we missed it entirely as the roads were shut down all over our area as we were driving so we were unable to make it! We ended up pulling over and took our own using a tripod for the first time! Here are the pictures from exactly 2 years ago 2015. Sure they’re not so bad considering we took them ourselves, but we REALLY wish we had made it to her session, so we made extra sure that we made it to the one for this year. We’re quite pleased with our photos! Miranda is SO talented, she’s definitely one of our favorite photographers. I’ll release part 2 of our photo session soon!

Photos by Miranda North

Baby Sprinkle

For this pregnancy I decided I didn’t want to have an official baby sprinkle. I was so blessed to have had 3 baby showers thrown for me when I was pregnant with Sareena (one in the Bay Area thrown by my mother to celebrate with relatives, one in Los Angeles thrown by my amazing SIL, and a mini one thrown by my husband’s company)! So really, I just felt like I’ve had enough celebrations for myself.

Instead, I decided to turn my baby sprinkle into a casual event to celebrate Sareena becoming a big sister! It made the most sense as I wanted to invite 15 of my closest mom friends who all have toddlers around Sareena’s age or slightly older.

We gathered in the beautiful Temescal Gateway park in Pacific Palisades in our own private area. I had so much fun planning their activities! I took some of Sareena’s favorite activities we do at home and decided to incorporate it into the party. We had a baby washing station, play dough table, mini baby dolls, and a large painting & art area where every toddler had their own mini canvas to paint on to take home while wearing their little art aprons!


Hahaha her shoes totally match right? I’d also like to mention daddy did her hair.












Since the party was in the late afternoon I kept the food simple by having several charcuterie boards laid out and a donut tower from the only place I’d eat donuts from–Blue Star in Venice! :)



















I think it’s safe to say Sareena had lots of fun with her friends!





It was just too cute seeing everyone play in each station, I felt like it was a success! I’m so happy I centered it around Sareena becoming a big sister, I know she will be such an amazing one (she’s already shown it with her cousin since the moment he was born when she was about to turn 7 months!). She’s so nurturing with her dolls and can’t stop hugging and kissing my belly while saying “baby sistoh is inside!”

I’m truly grateful to have such an amazing family & village. Our next little girl that will be arriving really soon will definitely be welcomed & showered with soooo much love!

Photos by Ashleigh Cahn

Unicorn Fairy Tale

DSC_4356 copy

I got a lot of love on my post regarding Sareena’s 1st birthday party from back in January. A lot has happened since then, and now that she will be 2 in just a few months, we have an even bigger birthday planned for her 2nd birthday..

The gift of a baby sister! Sameer and I are so grateful to be blessed with another baby girl on the way!

DSC_4248 copy copy

DSC_4251 copy copy

DSC_4199 copy

DSC_4281 copy

DSC_4300 copy

DSC_4404-2 copy 2

Baby #2 is due to arrive three days after Sareena’s 2nd birthday in January 2018 (but let’s see when she decides to make her appearance)! We were so excited and told Sareena as soon as we found out. She definitely knows and is excited that she’s having a baby sister. She has been obsessed with taking care of her baby dolls. She puts them to sleep, nurses them, feeds them, babywears them, basically is just all around nurturing as she always has been. She frequently pats and kisses my growing belly while saying “hi baby!” and sings to her. We watch birth videos together and the weekly baby growth updates, and she’s very hands on and involved in all our midwife check ups. She is going to play such an important role in her sister’s birth, I can feel it.

In the beginning, I felt so guilty wondering how I can love another child as much as my first, and felt sad about my attention having to be divided at times to tend to both daughters. But then I realized there is so much more to look forward to, like the joy of seeing my daughters interact and love one another. It’s a feeling I cannot wait to experience. Watching them grow and learn from each other, have princess tea parties, and get into all sorts of mischief together.

Sareena is going to be the best big sister, and I cannot wait to see how our little girls grow up together to be best friends. My heart is so happy and sometimes I cannot believe that I’m married to such an incredible man who I’ve made 2 daughters with. It truly feels like I’m living a fairy tale <3

Sareena’s 1st Birthday Party

1-sereena-1st bday (63 of 402)

This post is long overdue, and after a much needed media break, I am officially back! Slowly bringing you more content as I find the time to sort through the plethora of photos and attempt to put my jumbled up thoughts into words. I’ll also be updating Sareena’s little blog as well!

1-sereena-1st bday (389 of 402)

Sameer and I celebrated Sareena’s First Birthday Party on January 7, 2016 at Shutters Hotel in Santa Monica. Sareena’s first year was a very social one as we’ve made tons of friends with kids of all ages, but mostly babies her age. Most are born within months or weeks of her. Some even days apart! Each of these moms have been a part of my village; I’m so thankful for sharing our motherhood journey together. I’m glad Sareena gets to grow up with such a fantastic group of babies her age.

1-sereena-1st bday (44 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (86 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (25 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (36 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (13 of 402)

We chose Shutters on the Beach as our venue because we wanted an outdoor feel to her party without it actually having to be outdoors since it was supposed to rain on that day. The fact that the rooms are literally on the beach made it perfect! Naturally, we made the theme of her party Mermaids Under the Sea. I wanted to keep the party fun yet classy at the same time, so I decided to keep the color palette to pastels.

1-sereena-1st bday (122 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (123 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (127 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (177 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (235 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (151 of 402)

I collaborated with my friends Cyan Sattin of colorful parties, Francesca Blume, and my sister in law in planning the decor and details and they all helped me bring my Pinterest board to life! The florals exceeded my expectations and I was in such awe of the floral 1 Francesca created. There are no words to describe the talent my friend Cyan has when it comes to cake and dessert. She made everything herself, including the cake topper made of fondant! Seriously, how adorable is her mermaid cake? My sister in law Rati, brother and sister did some major work helping decorate the room the night before by creating the floating bubbles and hanging jelly fish.

1-sereena-1st bday (170 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (160 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (159 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (171 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (195 of 402)

But the most fun (and most important) part of planning the party was the entertainment! It was challenging to find a mermaid who wasn’t the typical Ariel from Little Mermaid, so when the Los Angeles Princess Company offered a beautiful & unique Neverland mermaid, I was so excited! She worked out amazing, all the babies loved her. She entertained with some singing, games, & parachute play.

1-sereena-1st bday (228 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (255 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (246 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (269 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (327 of 402)

The second entertainment we hired was a bubblologist, because if there’s one thing I know about Sareena and the other kids, they go crazy over bubbles! But this wasn’t an ordinary bubble show, they gave a mini science lesson so it appeals to adults as well as kids, and left us in awe over the crazy bubble shapes like a triangle, square, and several bubble tricks. The show concluded in giving people a chance to be inside a giant bubble! It was an excellent performance.

1-sereena-1st bday (331 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (353 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (355 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (356 of 402)

1-sereena-1st bday (385 of 402)

We really wanted to do something special to celebrate Sareena’s 1st birthday. We just wanted it to be a fun day for everyone and kept it as an intimate party by keeping the invites to only our immediate family and our friends with babies, so kept it at a total of 60 guests.

1-sereena-1st bday (175 of 402)

Venue: Shutters on the Beach
Cake & Desserts: Cyan Sattin
Florals: Francesca Blume
Theme: Mermaids Under the Sea
Neverland Mermaid: The Los Angeles Princess Company
Bubbleologist: Bubblemania

Photographer: Sanaz Photography

Matching Mommy Blue Medallion









My Dress | Sareena’s Dress by The Spunky Stork | Sareena’s Sandals

Introducing one of our new favorite organic cotton brands: The Spunky Stork! They make the most darling dresses and the prints are so cute! I adore every single dress & bloomer set she has from them. It’s one of her current favorites and one of the most frequent brand she now wears everywhere. I, of course, had to jump at the opportunity to match with her with this blue medallion print.

I also want to introduce a new second blog that I’ve started called Lil Sontakey. This site is solely dedicated to motherhood & babyhood; it’s where I can share all my casual iPhone photos while featuring our favorite products and other content (one of my most popular requests I get in my inbox!). It’s essentially a place where I can document memories & adventures. While this blog will primarily remain as my style diary, I am excited to branch off to this more personal blog which I will be a little more active on.

Sponsored by The Spunky Stork

Sakura Bloom Fall Look Book Collaboration




















Sleep, little one, on a velvet cloud
as the floating stars sing a lullaby.
Drift away to the land of dreams,
where teddy bears dance in a rainbow sky.

Play, little one, on the golden stars,
as the mother moon keeps a watchful eye.
listen as she recounts her tales
of enchanted forests where children fly.

Dance, little one, in the whispering wind,
’til the moon and stars breathe a sleepy sigh.
Wrap your dreams in a paper moon,
and gently push them toward the sky.

Wake, little one, to the morning sun,
as it calls to the world that it’s time to rise.
Wave farewell to the land of dreams,
and gently open your sweet little eyes.

Link for the fall 2016 campaign we shot for them in Venice, California.

In collaboration with Sakura Bloom | Photography by Courtney of Sakura Bloom

Jord Wood Watch








Dress | Watch

Today’s post features an exclusive wooden timepiece by JORD. This unique watch is by the Cora series in Zebrawood & Turquoise; it’s truly like something I’ve never seen before. To me, an eye catching watch is a reminder to be present and to live in the moment. I remember seeing an illustration of a dog and human sitting together and why dog is happier than a human in that scenario. The human is shown to be thinking about everything else BUT sitting with his dog, whereas the dog is thinking of nothing but sitting with his human. The dog has mastered the power of presence and therefore is truly content and happier. When you’re truly present in everything you do, you get much more out of your time. This is something I’m working on and I encourage you to try to soak up every moment by enjoying the now rather than thinking about anything other than what you’re doing now. Your time will be better spent and you will be much happier for it.

I’ve also teamed up with JORD to host a giveaway. All entries can be placed here by July 20 11:59 pm. The winner will be chosen at random & will receive a $75 giftcard, but everyone will receive a $20 giftcard just for entering :). Good luck everyone!

Sponsored by JORD Wood Watches

Lenny Lamb WrapTai









Hold her. Wear her. Breathe her in. Keep her close. It goes too fast. After all, the most precious thing you’ll ever get to wear is your baby…

Baby carriers are one of my most essential baby related items I use–I never leave the home without one. In this post, I’m wearing a beautiful WrapTai carrier by Lenny Lamb. The Little Love design in the Golden Tulip print is one of my favorites– it’s so gorgeous and pairs perfectly with lighter shades. The cotton weaving makes it extra soft and comfortable to wear.

I’ve built quite a collection with an assortment of different prints & colors; I can’t get enough! Baby carriers are truly the most important accessory and a vital part of motherhood for me. They’ve helped me cuddle, bond and nurse my little one with ease while I embark on various outings and adventures.

Sponsored by Lenny Lamb

Ivory Florals








My dress c/o Pink Blush | Sareena’s Romper c/o Bailey’s Blossoms | Sareena’s Sandals

I’m so excited to bring another look by Pink Blush in their coveted floral print dress! Their dresses have been my favorite go-to during pregnancy & post partum; I constantly get compliments on their stunning prints. Their dresses provides the most flattering drape everytime, no matter what stage (it’s also what I wore in the hospital maternity ward)! This dress is so perfect for motherhood as it’s extremely nursing friendly.

I’ve also collaborated with Bailey’s Blossoms for Sareena’s adorable matching pompom romper! She has built the sweetest collection of their beautiful rompers and has one in almost every style. We’re hooked!

Ps Sareena is totally in love with the family pups.. she can’t get enough of them!

Sponsored by Pink Blush & Bailey’s Blossoms

Matching Mommy Mint & White





My Sandals | Sareena’s Dress | Sareena’s Sandals

One of my favorite parts about having a baby girl is playing dress up and being able to match with her! I’ve become so obsessed with coordinating all my outfits with Sareena that I may need an intervention at some point. But for now, I’m enjoying it and will continue to take advantage of this! My dress is from a small boutique in Santa Monica I bought a few years ago, so I was unable to link my outfit in this post, but you can get the same look by pairing an off-shoulder top with a chiffon skirt. I can’t stop gushing over Sareena’s eyelet dress and fringe sandals!

Pretty Pleats







Top by Bebe (sold out, similar here) | Skirt c/o SheIn | Sareena’s Dress by GAP

We had a lovely staycation at the beautiful Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes, Los Angeles. The entire resort boasts of panoramic views of the ocean while spanning over a hundred acres of lush land. Here we are waiting in the gorgeous herb garden while our table was getting prepared at the coveted French restaurant, Mar’sel.

For this outfit, I decided to coordinate this beautiful pleated skirt from SheIn with Sareena’s pleated dress to wear during dinner. My pleated skirt is my current obsession; I love how effortless it is to flow and glide in, all while being the perfect shade of pink. This skirt exudes romance and femininity; my signature style.

Sponsored by SheIn