Palace Wedding


Two years ago today, I married the most incredible man alive. He continues to make me laugh, be supportive, and join in on my weirdness. A wedding is something most girls dream of, and when the time comes to make that love official in front of close family and friends, it is truly magical. I wanted to feel like a princess, and since The Palace in San Francisco used to be an actual historical palace, I knew it was where I wanted to marry my Prince.

I cannot thank my parents enough for providing me with the dream wedding that I had wished for. It felt like the beginning of a fairytale, which continues on to this day. But, like every wedding, there were things that did not pan out as flawlessly as one would have liked.

5 tips I would give a bride about her wedding day:

  1. Be 100% sure you love your photographer.

    Had I done more research, we may have been happier with most of our wedding photographs.

  2. Slow down, breathe, and just take everything in.

    Everything goes by in a blur. Enjoy these moments!

  3. Just accept the fact that your family will go temporarily insane.

    With emotions and stress running high, people will not be themselves. This is more evident on the bride’s side since they feel they are apparently “losing a daughter.” Just take solace in knowing that everything will eventually resume back to normal

  4. Things will go wrong. Just laugh it off.

    No matter how much you plan every little detail, there will always be something that goes wrong or doesn’t happen the way you want. In my case, I had a rare 104° fever/flu the day before the wedding. I literally could not get out of bed or breathe properly. Thank goodness I was feeling a bit better on the actual wedding day, but this made me feel like I didn’t look my best.

    My wedding outfits were also supposed to arrive a month before the wedding functions. They arrived the day before my first wedding function (Indian weddings have multiple wedding related festivities). It was too late and I was unable to wear my San Francisco reception outfit because the design was a complete mess.

    Then there were the little things that didn’t go the way I planned. But does it matter now? No. Because those things seem insignificant now, and my husband and I actually giggle about it.

  5. Remember that the wedding may be the best day of your life at that point, but every day of marriage after that is much, much better.

    While I had a blast planning my wedding, I have even more fun now decorating our home, planning our vacations and other future journeys than I ever did! If you remember to cherish a marriage more than a wedding, you will be just fine.

My wedding day felt like a fairytale because I was simply happy sharing my love with my wonderful husband who I continue to fall in love with more and more each day. Everyday truly feels like a celebration.


















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