Unicorn Fairy Tale

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I got a lot of love on my post regarding Sareena’s 1st birthday party from back in January. A lot has happened since then, and now that she will be 2 in just a few months, we have an even bigger birthday planned for her 2nd birthday..

The gift of a baby sister! Sameer and I are so grateful to be blessed with another baby girl on the way!

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Baby #2 is due to arrive three days after Sareena’s 2nd birthday in January 2018 (but let’s see when she decides to make her appearance)! We were so excited and told Sareena as soon as we found out. She definitely knows and is excited that she’s having a baby sister. She has been obsessed with taking care of her baby dolls. She puts them to sleep, nurses them, feeds them, babywears them, basically is just all around nurturing as she always has been. She frequently pats and kisses my growing belly while saying “hi baby!” and sings to her. We watch birth videos together and the weekly baby growth updates, and she’s very hands on and involved in all our midwife check ups. She is going to play such an important role in her sister’s birth, I can feel it.

In the beginning, I felt so guilty wondering how I can love another child as much as my first, and felt sad about my attention having to be divided at times to tend to both daughters. But then I realized there is so much more to look forward to, like the joy of seeing my daughters interact and love one another. It’s a feeling I cannot wait to experience. Watching them grow and learn from each other, have princess tea parties, and get into all sorts of mischief together.

Sareena is going to be the best big sister, and I cannot wait to see how our little girls grow up together to be best friends. My heart is so happy and sometimes I cannot believe that I’m married to such an incredible man who I’ve made 2 daughters with. It truly feels like I’m living a fairy tale <3


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    Ohmygodddd, so exciting! Congrats! Also those pics are just SO gorgeous! x


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    Congratulations on baby number two! How exciting!

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    I completely love unicorns and this shoot is so cute! Congrats on baby #2!

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    Omg! These photos are stunning! Congrats, that’s such great news I’m so happy for you!


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    Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Loved reading your announcement post :)


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    stunning images!!
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    Just lovely! nice pics!!
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    This is so cute!! Massive congrats on your expanding family, too :)

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    I can only imagine how happy this scene must have made your little one! I love how you have such magical, beautiful photos of your family – you’ll always have really pretty memories to look over! :)

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      She LOVED the horse, she kept trying to pet her! And thank you, Gabrielle! <3

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    What an amazing time for your family, lady! This shoot turned out AMAZING!

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    amazing photos !


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    What a lovely family! You guys look so cute, especially your little girl!

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    This is such a fun photoshoot! Everyone looks gorgeous! <3 :)

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    These photos are so absolutely stunning!!! You have such a beautiful family =)

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    Wow congratulations for baby #2 what a wonderful experience. Lovely pictures and hope everything goes smoothly by the time is her birthday.

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    Such a beautiful family! These photos are so amazing!
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    What a gorgeous photo shoot. And congrats on baby number two. Having them back to back is the way to go.

    xx Yasmin


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      Thanks Yasmin! I figured the 23/24 month spacing is what would be best for our family so they’d grow up as best friends! <3

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    Loving all these happy family pics! You look so beautiful! :)

    All the best with baby number two!! :)

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    Huge congrats lovely! I love this shoot and I remember when you ad just gotten married, wishing you and your family a very happy life!!

    Love from London,


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    So happy for you that you are living your fairy tale! That´s so wonderful and I don´t think many of us can say that! Congrats congrats congrats on baby #2. And how wonderful that it is a girl again. This is going to be amazing! So happy for you! This unicorn family pictures are stunning by the way, what a great idea! Again wishing you and your family all the best! xoxo Ivi


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    Firstly a HUGE Congratulations on baby girl number two, wonderful news. These photographs are SO beautiful and very much like a dream come true!
    Congrats again to you and your family.
    With love,
    Laura xo

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      Aw thank you for your warm wishes, Laura! <3