Navy Polka Dots






Dress by Eliza J | Heels by Vince Camuto (similar on sale here) | Bag by Louis Vuitton | Watch by Rolex (similar & affordable version here)

Jersey wrap dresses are officially one of my best friends at this stage in my pregnancy. They accommodate my growing bump day by day. The lively polka dot pattern on here was perfect for the fun outing I had with my husband yesterday– shopping & exploring popular eateries in West Hollywood.

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  • Kathy

    You look fantastic in this dress. It is so great how you found a way to be so stylish and comfortable throughout your pregnancy. I look forward to all your looks. Have a great day!


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you so much Kathy, I look forward to your blog as well!! <3

  • Miss J.

    Gorgeous dress Shveta! I love polka dots!



    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you Jeanne! The polka dots are fun, aren’t they :)

  • abre a Pestana

    I love polka dots pattern and this dress is so perfect for you! You look beautiful as always sweetie! :)

    Kisses and have a nice day ❤

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you so much, doll! <3

  • Amy Ann Arnold

    Such a great dress! I bet jersey dresses are great for maternity. They look so chic too. Loving that bag!!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Amy! Jersey dresses are seriously the best! xoxo

  • Vanessa @ Living in Steil

    You look stunning in everything you wear on the blog, but I’m loving this dress on you! Such a gorgeous look.

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you so much, Vanessa!! <3

  • Thais gomes

    You look stunning! Beautiful dress!


    BLOG | Taislany

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thanks, doll! <3

  • Blue Ducklings

    Look amazing !! The dress is stunning :)
    Xx Blue Ducklings

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you!! <3

  • Nina

    You look fab in that polka dot dress ! Loving that bag !!
    Have an amazing day !

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Nina! <3

  • Jenessa Sheffield

    you look so fabulous!



    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Jenessa!! <3

  • sweetsimpleday

    U look awesome!!! Loving polka dot dress on u!
    So beautiful ~ xo

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thanks, doll <3

  • Threads for Thomas

    Jersey dresses were the only thing that I wore at the end of my pregnancy! Love the navy and blue polka dots! You look so stylish and beautiful!

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thanks, Rachael! Seriously jersey dresses are the best!! <3

  • Patricia Blaj

    What an adorable dress! I love it when future mommies don’t give up their style even with a considerable baby bump!



    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you Patricia! It’s so much fun dressing up the bump <3

  • Style Tomes

    I LOVE this navy polka dot number! The shorter length is absolutely adorable on you. You pull off the jersey wrap dresses wonderfully.


    Style Tomes | Style Tomes on Instagram

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thanks, doll! <3

  • Raysa Garcia

    You look so adorable in this Polka Dot dress! You are gorgeous.
    Love, Raysa

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Raysa! xoxo

  • Jalisa

    You look absolutely stunning, Shveta! The dress indeed flatters your beautiful baby bump and I love the print and color combo, so chic! I hope you have a lovely day and week ahead, beautiful!



    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you, Jalisa! <3

  • Jodie

    You look so glamorous in this dress, so I can see why you like them so much!! And you look so happy! :) I can only hope to look this good if I’m ever pregnant haha.

    Jodie x

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you, Jodie!! I KNOW you will look amazing <3

  • Catarina Neves

    You look absolutely stunning!

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Catarina! xoxo

  • for seven seasons

    You can never go wrong with polka dots! what a beautiful dress, and a classic style.

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you! xoxo

  • Summer

    You look gorgeous♥

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you <3

  • Yasmin Hakim

    Love this print on you! Totally shows a different side to your style :)

    xx Yasmin

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Yasmin! Trying to switch it up every now and then :) <3

  • Dylana

    You really look stunning in that dress!


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Dylana <3

  • Everyday Stilettos

    You look gorgeous! Wrap dresses are the best things ever – pregnant and not! :) So cute with the polkadots (and congrats on still wearing heels this far along in your pregnancy! My feet got so swollen I couldn’t wear many of my shoes the second half! )

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you!!! Oh man I’m actually starting to get swollen feet too, it’s getting harder to squeeze into my shoes!

  • Quinn

    I am obsessed with this navy + white look! It is so gorgeous on you. You’re looking stunning as usual :)


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you, Quinn <3

  • Brooke & Erica

    I swear you are the prettiest momma to be!! I love the polka dots.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Awww thank you so much, Brooke! xoxo

  • Keri H

    Omg you are so gorgeous!! Those polka dots are adorable :)

    Enclothed Cognition

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you! <3

  • Julianna Lynch

    You are just so gorgeous and this dress looks amazing on you! Sending you tons of love today beauty!

    xx Julianna

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you so much, Julianna! <3

  • Jillian

    You look so adorable and chic girl! Cudos to you for rocking heels still!
    xo, jill

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thanks, Jill! <3

  • Jessica

    Just the prettiest bump I ever did see :) Love the polka dots!
    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you, Jessica! <3

  • Kylen

    You are so gorgeous!! I love your bag. I’m excited to follow along your motherhood journey.

    Kylen xoxo | Kylen Every Wear

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Awww thank you Kylen!! <3

  • Elizabeth Lee

    I could have used all this gorgeous maternity fashion inspiration when I was pregnant with my boys. You look stunning Shveta!

    Love, Liz

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you so much, Liz! You’re seriously one of the most stylish mamas ever!!! <3

  • kayla kruse

    You look gorgeous :) you are glowing! Love the outfit hun. Xx

    Lots of love,
    Kayla. Xx

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Kayla <3

  • Molly Clifton

    You look absolutely stunning!! Love the polka dots!

    Molly |

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Molly! xoxo

  • Laura Jane Atelier

    Your dress is so pretty, love the polka dots


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thanks, Laura! <3

  • The Girl

    love the polka dots and this color looks so well on you!

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you!! <3

  • Imperfect woman

    I love your polka dots dress :-) You look so nice :-)

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you! xoxo

  • Ashley White

    So cute + gorgeous on you, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thanks, Ashley xoxo

  • Maggie

    This is stunning! Love your hair :)

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Maggie! xoxo

  • Chichi

    Love polka dots in all sizes!! Glamorous and practical dress on u! Looking fabulous!

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you so much, doll! xoxo

  • Lauren Blair .

    Gorgeous and classic!!! Love this look on you! XO

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you so much!! <3

  • Gabrielle

    Yet another wonderfully elegant look! I have a feeling the Louis Vuitton bag would look fabulous with any outfit and this polka dot dress truly is so flattering on you. Beautiful! :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you, Gabrielle! xoxo

  • tanjahansen

    Really cute outfit! It shows that you can be pregnant and stylish at the same time! Good luck with everything :)

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you so much!! I have so much fun dressing the bump :)

  • Naomella

    I think I´ve never seen such a pretty and stylish pregnant woman before! Gorgeous! xoxo

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Awww thank you so much, Naomella <3

  • Rumela Dey

    Thats a gorgeous dress. U look amazing. And your baby bump is so cute.
    My blog: RumelaTheShopaholic

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you <3

  • Esther

    This dress is so cute and the bag is gorgeous! Love this outfit, and you look amazing!

    xo, Esther

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Esther! <3

  • Siffat Haider

    Oh wow Shveta, this dress is stunning on you! Love how you styled this look in such a ladylike way :)

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Siffat! <3

  • Alyssa

    Nice look! You are stunning! :)


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Alyssa! xoxo

  • mumbaitomelbourne
    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you <3

  • Mira Tolvanen
    • Shveta Sontakey


  • Kelly Kalinkewicz

    Looking stunning as always! I LOVE that little Luis V bag!

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you! <3

  • WhatWouldVWear

    You are absolutely glowing and stunning, dear! Love your polka dot dress! Sending you much love!

    xoxo, Vanessa

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you, Vanessa! <3

  • Alyssa Monique Bustillo

    You look so stunning in that polka dot dress!

    Lush Life | Styleccentric Fashion’

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Alyssa! xoxo

  • Danielle

    You look very pretty in this dress, Shveta! I love its style and polka dot print. The LV bag is also really cute.


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you, Danielle! xoxo

  • Whitney V

    This dress suits your bump so beautifully well, you look amazing! Oh my and your bag is stunning too!!!


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Whitney <3

  • Deborah Ferrero

    There’s always something so elegant and timeless about wrap dresses. Love the polka dot pattern, it makes the dress funkier without giving up the class.

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thanks, Deb!

  • Heidi D.

    Such a chic look! Love this dress!

    Wishes & Reality

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Heidi!

  • Gina G

    You always look so amazing! This dress is so pretty on you <3


    Pink Wings

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Gina! <3

  • Elle Cherryblossomstreet

    Beautiful look! You’re glowing :)
    xx Elle

    New outfit post on: – Swedish Lifestyle/Travel blogger and Model in Tokyo

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Elle! xoxo

  • Jane Fitfabfun

    Stunning look! Love your polka dot dress!
    xo, Jane

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you, Jane! <3

  • Rachel

    you looks gorgeous !

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Rachel :)

  • Y.U.P NYC

    Your hair is to die for! You look stunning :)

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Awww thank you <3

  • Stripes n Vibes

    Oh Shveta you are so beautiful! Polka dots are my favorite and if I see this print I always buy it))


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you, Tanya <3

  • Jessi

    Absolutely stunning! Loving this dress on you. Happy Holidays girlie.

    XO, Jessi

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you so much, Jessi!! <3

  • Prudence Yeo

    You look so classy and lovely in this polka dot wrap dress, gorgeous!


    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you, Prudence! xoxo

  • Belle melange

    Such a lovely outfit, you look gorgeous!

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you! <3

  • Bold Bliss

    You look absolutely happy in this nice and funny dress. I wish you all happiness!

    Bold Bliss

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you! xoxo

  • Maisha Sharma

    you look pretty and gorgeous..lovely dress you wearing…!!!
    keep in touch sweets..

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aw thank you <3

  • Rachel

    This wrap dress looks like it was made for you and your cute bump! I can never get over how beautiful your eyes are too

    Rachel xx

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Awww thank you so much, Rachel! <3

  • Beauty Follower

    Such a stylish dress!

    Have a lovely week dear :)

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Thank you! <3

  • Shell Peterson

    This polka-dot dress is gorgeous on you!!!!!
    xo, Shell

    • Shveta Sontakey

      Aww thank you, Shell! <3

  • Shveta Sontakey

    Aw, thank you for the kind words! <3

  • Molly Clifton

    Love the polka dots on you! This Eliza J dress is gorgeous on you!

    Molly |

  • Rachel

    your dress looks great on you !

  • Mary Davis

    Shveta your blog is too good.
    You are looking very pretty in this dress !!
    White dots with blue great combination.
    Thanks !!!

    Women Hairstyle Ideas 2016